Boris Johnson tells talkRADIO he will ‘obey the law’ on Benn Act

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Boris Johnson has told talkRADIO he would “stick to the constitution” ahead of an October 19 Brexit deal deadline.

The Prime Minister will make his headline speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on Wednesday and said he would not circumvent the Benn Act that prevented a no-deal Brexit.

“We’re going to stick to the constitution and obey the law,” he said.

Mr Johnson said he hoped his Brexit plan – which is yet to be made public – would be accepted by the European Union and then backed by Parliament.

“I very much hope so and we’ll do our best but we’re working very hard for a deal, one step at a time.”

He was then asked about accusations he squeezed the thigh of a journalist at a lunch in 1999 and was ushered into a private room by aides before he had time to respond.

Mr Johnson’s father Stanley Johnson told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham those in Manchester were confident the Prime Minister could “get this deal done”.

“There’s every chance that he will get an agreement with the EU and I hope it’s an agreement which will then pass muster in the British Parliament,” he said.

The former Conservative MEP said there was no reason for the government to release its Brexit proposals to the public before they were agreed upon by the EU.

“I think he’d be very well advised not to reveal any details of the plan. The European Union as I know very well will discuss it,” he said.

“At this particular stage in the negotiations the more tightly they can be guarded the better it’ll be for everybody.”

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