Boris Johnson thanks school leavers for celebration sacrifice

Friday, July 10, 2020

Boris Johnson has thanked school leavers for their contribution to the coronavirus lockdown, saying that sacrificing their final term and subsequent parties had helped save many lives.

In a video message to young Brits, the Prime Minister said: “And now, as many of you are missing out once again on parties, festivals, presentations, perhaps even long-planned holidays, I want you to know that your efforts have been worth it.

“Because of you, because of your sacrifice, we’ve saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

“And that’s not something many generations will be able to say about their final weeks of school, not your elder siblings, certainly not your parents.”

This year’s summer exams were cancelled due to the pandemic, with GCSE and A-level students instead being awarded grades based on teacher assessment.

The Joint Council for Qualifications has announced that if students are unhappy with the calculated grades when they are released in August, they will be able to sit their exams in an autumn series.

AS and A-level exams will take place from October 5-23, and all GCSE exams will occur between November 2-23.

Mr Johnson also urged teenagers to jump on any opportunity that comes their way and “rugby tackle it to the floor”.

“Your generation, that came of age and perhaps had to grow up a bit faster during this pandemic, your generation are going to be so so vital to that national effort to rebuild,” he said.

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