Boris Johnson: 'We have to stand up to the United States sometimes'

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Boris Johnson has told talkRADIO that the government must “stand up to the United States” on issues such as climate change.

In an exclusive interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer, the Prime Minister said: “We want to be carbon neutral by 2050, and we can do it by championing fantastic green technology.

“The current White House doesn't share our point of view about climate change. I think they’re wrong. But we make that case very forcefully and we will continue to do so.”

The remarks were in response to a question about Mr Johnson’s latest campaign video entitled “Brexit, actually” – a parody of Christmas romantic comedy Love, actually.

Julia asked Mr Johnson if he related to the film’s Prime Minister, portrayed by Hugh Grant, who famously addressed the “special relationship” between Britain and America.

Mr Johnson said: “I think we do have to stand up to the United States sometimes, and there are issues where we take a very different view.”

The Prime Minister revealed he had never seen the hit film Love, Actually

However, the Conservative leader did admit to not having actually seen the Christmas classic, despite recreating one of its most iconic scenes in a bid to win over voters.

“I've not seen all of it from beginning to end because I’m so busy, but I, I'm familiar with the basic concept and the fantastic work done by Hugh Grant,” he confessed.

Mr Johnson also addressed claims that he would “sell off” the NHS in a post-Brexit trade deal with Donald Trump as a “UFO-type allegation”.

Instead, he argued that the 451-page document, which Labour said proved the health service would be put on the table, was an attempt by Jeremy Corbyn to “distract” from his Brexit policy.

“He doesn't even back in himself, but how can he possibly negotiate a deal when he doesn't support it?

“I mean, the thing is beyond satire. Or it would be beyond satire if it wasn't so tragic for the country.”

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