Boris Johnson will most likely replace Theresa May, says Tory blogger Henry Hill

'The next Conservative leader will probably be Boris Johnson', says Conservative Home

Henry Hill says Boris Johnson is favourite to the bext the next leader

Friday, June 9, 2017

Boris Johnson will probably be the next leader of the Tories, according to the assistant editor of the popular Conservative Home blog.

Paul Ross asked Henry Hill who was most likely to replace Theresa May, following speculation that she will step down.

He said: "The problem is, if it’s a contested election it could be a lot of people, but for it to be a candidate who could actually be agreed on and appointed without a contest, you are seriously looking at maybe Boris Johnson."

Hill thinks there were many problems in the Tory election campaign, notably: "May has no base of support ideologically or in the movement. There’s no big block of personal friends or ideological sympathisers.

"We’re getting reports of resources [in Conservative grass roots] being misallocated, willfully even. It’s ridiculous."

The journalist believes the reason why the election campaign didn't focus on Brexit is because "Theresa May was desperate not to be defined as the Brexit Prime Minister, she had a domestic vision.

"The problem is that shifted the territory away from the Conservatives strength, where Jeremy Corbyn can frankly promise the earth."

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