Boris Johnson's Brexit vision ridiculed by EU executive

Leading EU executive slams Boris Johnson for 'impossible' Brexit vision

Boris Johnson

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A European finance minister has slammed Boris Johnson for offering the British public an "impossible" vision of Brexit. 

Dutch minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem gave the Foreign Secretary a stark warning that his view of life outside the European Union is "intellectually impossible" and "politically unavailable". He warned the UK will not get unrestricted access to European markets unless free movement of labour is agreed in negotiations.

His comments came after Mr. Johnson suggested that the country still wanted a "dynamic trade relationship" with the EU, despite "probably" having to leave the customs union. 

Mr Johnson told the Czech daily Hospodarske: "We probably will have to come out of the customs union, but that's a question I am sure will be discussed."

In response, Mr Dijsselbloem told the BBC: "I think he is offering to the British people options that are really not available.

"To say 'we could be inside the internal market, keep full access to the internal market, but be outside the customs union' - this is just impossible, it doesn't exist. The opposite exists. We have a customs union with Turkey but Turkey is not part of the internal market.

"So he is saying things that are intellectually impossible, politically unavailable, so I think he is not offering the fair approach that gives the British people a fair view of what is ahead."

Downing Street dismissed the remarks, insisting no decisions had been made.