Boris Johnson's campaign tsar told him not to back Brexit, says author Tim Shipman

'You'd have to be living on planet zog not to think Boris thought about what was best for him', says political editor of The Sunday Times

Boris Johnson (Getty)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Boris Johnson was advised by his campaign manager not to back Brexit, according to one of the authors of a book on the UK's EU referendum.

Tim Shipman said that Ben Wallace, who was underpinning the campaign to elevate Johnson to the Tory leadership, told Johnson he should vote Remain so as not to align himself with the "clowns" supporting Brexit.

Shipman also told Julia Hartley-Brewer that, in the days before he came out for Leave, Johnson made a pro-EU article "deliberately bad" to convince himself Brexit was the right way to go.

Johnson has defended writing the article just two days before he publically backed Leave, claiming it was "semi-parodic". Shipman said the article, which has now been published in the Sunday Times, "would have been much better" had Johnson already decided to back Remain.

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