Boris Johnson's father Stanley: 'Boris basically invented euroscepticism'

Stanley Johnson said Boris wouldn't care about being sacked for his Brexit article

Stanley Johnson, a keen Remainer himself, defended his son's view on Brexit

Monday, September 18, 2017

Boris Johnson's father spoke to talkRADIO tonight - and mounted a staunch defence of his son, saying he "practically invented euroscpeticism."

Stanley Johnson told James Whale the Tory party are "very lucky to have a wordsmith like Boris" and the idea that Johnson is jockeying for the leadership of the Tory party is "nonsense."

Boris Johnson has faced fierce criticism after an article he wrote over the weekend, outlining his view on Brexit. Critics have suggested it amounted to a pitch for power and a cynical attempt to undermine Theresa May.

But his father - himself a keen Remainer - refuted these suggestions tonight, telling James "I've known the man for man for 53 years and it couldn't matter less to him if he gets sacked" for his article.

Stanley Johnson also told our presenter that Boris's Brexit argument, predicated on the assumption that Britain will gain an extra £350m a week to spend on the health service after quitting the EU, is basically sound, saying the figure quoted by Boris is "chickenfeed."

When asked by James whether he actually wants Boris be Prime Minister, Stanley gave a rather interesting - and long-winded - answer.

To hear that answer, and the rest of the interview, click on the link above.