'Boris Johnson's mugwump comment was a deliberate Brexit distraction'

'Boris Johnson's mugwump comment was used on purpose as a Brexit distraction', says political correspondent

Boris Johnson called Jeremy Corbyn a mugwump

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Boris Johnson called Jeremy Corbyn a mugwump on purpose to distract journalists from asking him about his role in the Leave campaign, according to a political correspondent. 

The foreign secretary called the Labour leader a "mutton-headed old mugwump" and claimed he poses a threat to the country today.

Political correspondent at GQ, Rupert Myers, told Sam Delaney that he believes the term - which actually comes from Harry Potter - was chosen on purpose so Johnson's attack sounded less vicious, but would still give him good coverage.

This meant that as Johnson made media appearances, the journalist focused on his comments, rather than scrutinising his role in the Brexit campaign. 

Myers believes the Tories are using Johnson in the campaign now to excite and motivate voters - but then he'll shuffle off to safe Conservative strongholds.

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