Boris will see 'stonking good victory' in snap election

Mr Johnson has ruled out calling an election himself

Monday, August 5, 2019

Boris Johnson will emerge victorious in a snap election - but only if he has delivered Brexit by October 31, according to one Tory MP.

Former Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson said the Prime Minister would have a "stonking good victory" if a general election took place post-Brexit.

"The general election needs to be beyond exit date, if we have clearly left and taken back control," he told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"It is absolutely vital we have unequivocally left by the 31st to ensure that Boris Johnson as a Prime Minister has finally done it, delivered the referendum pledge, delivered what all politicians said they would do, which is listen to the people, respect the people's decision and implement it."

He continued: "On those grounds, there would be no justification for people voting for the Brexit Party or anyone else."

Before becoming Prime Minister, Mr Johnson had ruled out calling an election himself, meaning a motion of no-confidence would have to be tabled by Jeremy Corbyn to trigger one.

But Mr Paterson said the Labour Party was in "complete disarray" and would not pose a threat, after it placed fourth in last week's Brecon and Radnorshire by-election.

The Liberal Democrats secured the seat with 43 per cent of the vote, the Conservatives received 39 per cent and the Brexit Party 10 per cent.

Labour had just over five per cent of the vote, and narrowly avoiding losing its deposit.

Mr Paterson added: "I would see Boris Johnson going to a stonking good victory, but he would have to leave by the 31st."

The "best solution for everybody", Mr Paterson continued, would be to demand the "generous" free-trade agreement offer previously made by European Council president Donald Tusk in March 2018.

"We could move on to that very rapidly. Have a very simple, basic standstill trade deal so everything carries on as now," he said.

"Zero tariffs, zero quotas to tide us over while we do negotiation and establish gap rules."

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