Boy racers rack up £13,000 parking fines

Boy racers receive parking fines worth £13,000 after meet-up

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A group of motorists have been felt with £13,000 worth of parking fines for overstaying the maximum limit in a supermarket car park.

Almost 200 petrolheads were issued with £70 penalty charge notices following a Fast and the Furious-style night-time meet up in Nottingham at the end of March.

Hundreds of car enthusiasts had gathered at the privately-run car park to show off their souped-up vehicles at the event, organised by Facebook group Modified Car Driver.

However, residents complained of motorists revving their engines and playing loud music at the Castle Marina Sainsbury's between the hours of 7pm and 10pm on March 31.

Shoppers can park for three hours for free but a new penalty scheme means drivers can only park for ten minutes when the store is closed.

The group say they were unaware of the new rules and and 189 of the 249 in attendance were issued with the penalties.

Members from the Facebook Modified Car Driver group meeting in the supermarket car park.

Horizon Parking manages the car park and said they took action after residents raised noise complaints.

Managing director Bernie Dickson said: "The introduction of the scheme has been driven by residents living close to the store and suffering from the noise and general disturbance caused by these drivers.

"The residents naturally have asked Sainsbury’s to do something about it. We believe this is an appropriate response."

The online group of enthusiasts arranges events across the country, including Burton-upon-Trent, Uttoxeter and Milton Keynes, for motorists to show off their cars.

The event has been held at this car park before but it is the first time fines were issued and members have accused the parking firm of being "underhand."

Karl Fletcher, 21, a mechanic, from Derby, said: "We don't cause any bother. It is not like we're doing it right outside people's homes.

"Yes there is a bit of music and revving of engines but it was all finished by 10pm. I'm going to contest the fine because the signs are not clear."

However, local resident Julie Margate, 58, welcomed the move and said the meet-ups had called a "nuisance" at the car park previously.

The gran-of-one said: "Its about time they did something to stop it, hundreds of people gather there late at night being anti-social.

"They make an awful noise and have music blaring. Its causing a public nuisance before and its only right they are stopped or deterred from doing so in future."

Signs on the site state the parking rules that the fine is £70 and payable within 28 days however the charge is reduced to £42 if it is paid within two weeks.

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