Brandon Lewis: Jeremy Corbyn would ‘nationalise Christmas’

Monday, November 25, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn “might try and nationalise Christmas” before the election was over, according to Tory security minister Brandon Lewis.

Speaking to talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer he said Labour's election manifesto is “fantasyland stuff” and defended his party's manifesto as “an exciting journey of travel”.

“What we’re setting out is a properly-costed thing that the country can afford that we can deliver and I would say is a very exciting agenda,” he said.

“It’s not fantasy Christmas politics; it’s not some make-believe ‘wish we could’ manifesto that we see from Labour. It’s a properly thought through manifesto that we can deliver with a Conservative majority.”

former Labour Justice Secretary Lord Charlie Falconer said Boris Johnson was doing his best to avoid locking down major promises.

Speaking to Julia he said: “My impression I got from the manifesto from the Conservatives is that ‘we’re not really going to offer you anything’. I’m not saying they won’t do certain things but they don’t dare say very much and the things that they are saying carry with them the problem of broken promises.

“If they could have got away with no manifesto at all they would have done so because nobody trusts Boris Johnson and he doesn’t want to end up impaled on his manifesto in the way that Mrs May was.”

Fact-checkers have criticised the Conservative manifesto, and Full Fact chief executive Will Moy told talkRADIO several of the pledges were unclear.

“What we don’t know with the Conservatives is if they can’t make the sums add up over the next couple of years, if the economy doesn’t go as well as they plan or whatever it might be, what they would do with taxes,” he said.

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