Breakfast means Breakfast for 'Maybot' waitress

Monday, July 29, 2019

A London restaurant has deployed a robotic waitress and named it Theresa, in a nod to the former Prime Minister’s ‘Maybot’ nickname.

The Tea Terrace claims Theresa is the first robotic waitress to serve its customers in the UK in what it says will be a pilot for the introduction of more robots in its work force in the future in the face of rising labour costs.

“Our robot is far more intelligent than the vast majority of our British politicians, and she would easily juggle her job as a waitress at our restaurant and running the country," joked restaurant co-founder Ehab Shouly.

‘Theresa’ is the sixth generation of restaurant robots first launched in Japan. She delivers food and drink to tables and speaks to the customers to tell them what she is serving.

She can show facial expressions and has the ability to frown when someone is in her way or smile when singing happy birthday. Mr Shouly described Theresa as the ideal employee.

“This is one staff member who we know will never call in sick, will never complain, never request a holiday, and always show up to work on time," he said.

Programmed with navigation, obstacle avoidance, voice conversation and automatic dish deliveryj, she will work full time but needs to be charged overnight every other day.

Mr Shouly said: “We don’t plan to replace our staff with robots entirely. The idea is to help them and to make their job easier.”

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