'Breaking Bad' killer Stefano Brizzi found dead in prison

'Breaking Bad' killer found dead in prison

Stefano Brizzi has been found dead in prison (Credit: Twitter @fahimdhaka2010)

Monday, February 6, 2017

The drug-addicted man who killed a police officer and then tried to dissolve his body in acid in the so-called 'Grindr murder' has been found dead in prison. 

Stefano Brizzi met PC Gordon Semple on gay dating app Grindr, and later killed him by strangling him to death at his flat in south London. He then attempted to dissolve his body in acid, an act he subsequently revealed was inspired by US TV show Breaking Bad

Police were alerted after Semple's long-term partner reported him missing, and by other residents in Brizzi's apartment building reporting a foul stench coming from his flat.

Brizzi was convicted of the murder and handed a life sentence with a minimum tariff of 24 years.

Three months into his sentence at HMP Belmarsh prison, he was found dead in his cell in a suspected suicide. 

An independent investigation into his death will be carried out.