Brexit: Author of '1 million new migrants' survey says freedom of movement rules must change now

Brexit: Theresa May 'needs to clarify when freedom of movement will change', says Leave.EU co-founder Richard Tice

A prominent Leave campaigner has called on the Prime Minister to set a timeline for EU migration

Monday, January 23, 2017

The author of a new report claiming 1 million more migrants will enter Britain before Brexit has urged Theresa May to give clarity on the rules of freedom of movement - and recommended that the rules should change immediately.

Richard Tice, co-founder of Leave.EU and founder of the Leave Means Leave campaign, also said people want to come to Britain because of "the success of our economy" and the plentiful supply of jobs.

Until Britain leaves the European Union there will be nothing to stop foreign nationals entering and settling in the country, as it will still be bound to the EU principle of freedom of movement. 

In an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer, Tice called on the Prime Minister to set out a timeframe and cut-off date for EU migration, saying "the PM needs to clarify when freedom of movement will change. Our recommendation is [that] the rules will change from now.

"It’s a function of the success of our economy [and people's] ability to get jobs compared to elsewhere in the EU. A lot have come to work under the existing rules.

“The Government should take the moral high ground and say that people who have come here under the rules will be able to stay, but we need clarity.

“It’s a sensible, rational discussion, and people need to know."