Brexit is biggest crisis UK has faced since WW2, says British Influence Chairman Peter Wilding

'Brexit is the biggest crisis UK has faced since WW2', says British Influence Chairman Peter Wilding

The Article 50 bill will soon have its first debate in the House of Commons

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The chairman of a prominent thinktank has warned that Brexit is the "biggest crisis the UK has faced since World War Two."

This comes as debate on the second reading of the Article 50 bill is due to start in the House of Commons.

The bill is widely tipped to become law, despite a predicted rebellion by several MPs. Once it enters the statute book, the UK will begin exit negotiations with the European Union.

Peter Wilding warned the political landscape of Europe will be dramatically different this time next year in an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer.

He said: “Next year, Europe will be surrounded by four hostile powers - Trump’s America, Russia, Turkey, and a hard-Brexit Britain.

“The EU 27 are under threat and meanwhile, there’s the suspicion the UK is in bed with Donald Trump, who is hostile to the EU.

“We want to make sure the UK doesn’t dump Europe completely and fall in love with Donald Trump.

“But this is still the biggest crisis the country has faced since the end of the Second World War."