Brexit: Boris Johnson says Jean-Claude Juncker's vision for Europe is 'fantastic'

Boris said he agrees with Jean-Claude Juncker's forthcoming comments

For once, it seems Boris and Jean-Claude agree on something

Monday, September 11, 2017

Jean-Claude Juncker's new strategy for the EU has found a rather unlikely ally  - Britain's foreign secretary Boris Johnson.

According to various reports, Juncker is due to lay out a roadmap for the "renaissance" of the EU once Britain leaves the bloc.

Speaking to the BBC this morning, Johnson said this was "fantastic" as the sentiment also applies to the UK.

 Johnson said Juncker "has said that he regards Brexit as a moment for the renaissance - or he's about to say this, according to the papers - as a moment for the renaissance of the European Union.

"Well fantastic, let's get on with it. Let's have a renaissance for the European Union, and let's have a renaissance of the UK. Let's do a deal that is a great success for both sides."

Johnson also insisted that "the promises to the British people will be honoured" after Brexit, but wouldn't be drawn on exactly when this will happen.

"the Prime Minister has made it absolutely clear her government, our government, is going to get on and deliver on the will of the people"

"positive on both sides of the Channel"