Brexit briefing: Brexit alternatives rejected in Commons


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Last night, MPs failed to find a majority for any of the four alternative Brexit options selected by Speaker John Bercow.

A call for a customs union with the EU was rejected by just three votes, while a demand for a second referendum was defeated by 12 and a Norway-style deal put forward by Nick Boles by 21.

It was the second set of "indicative votes" on alternative Brexit options, with MPs also failing to agree on any one option in a vote last week, where eight options were on the table.

The Commons debate was interrupted by naked climate change protesters from the campaign group Extinction Rebellion.

Sporting slogans painted on their bodies, the 11 activists pressed themselves against the public gallery windows during Labour MP Peter Kyle’s address to the Commons

The protest wasn't the end of the Commons drama, with Nick Boles declaring that he would no longer sit as a Conservative MP after his 'soft Brexit' plan fell through, blaming his party for refusing to compromise on a means of leaving the European Union.

Today, Theresa May will attempt to break the Brexit impasse, gathering her Cabinet at Downing Street for a five-hour session of crisis talks.

If no other option is agreed and Mrs May's deal remains unsupported, the UK will leave the EU without a deal on April 12.

It is expected the Prime Minister will attempt to bring her deal back for a fourth time this week.


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