Brexit briefing: MPs to stage fresh votes on alternative Brexit options


Monday, April 1, 2019

MPs are set to stage another series of "indicative" votes today on alternatives to Theresa May's Brexit deal.

It is hoped that one of the options will command a majority, after last week's vote saw none of the eight options put forward agreed upon by MPs.

Speaker John Bercow is set to announce which motions will be voted upon today. He is also expected to say whether MPs will adopt a preferential voting system this time around to help whittle down the options.

The move comes as Theresa May plans to bring back her Brexit deal to a Commons vote for the fourth time, possibly as early as tomorrow.

Over the weekend, thousands of pro-Brexit marchers descended on Westminster, protesting against the delay to Brexit day.

Meanwhile, Mrs May was attempting to build support among MPs who would be likely to support her deal, with her aides revealing she was "100 per cent focused" on getting the result she wanted.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has hinted that his party could table a fresh vote of no-confidence in the government, in a bid to force a general election.

"We're ready for a general election, whenever it comes," he told the Daily Mirror.

"A general election would give us the chance to remove this incompetent and failed Tory government."


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