Brexit briefing: Theresa May to take Brexit deal back to Commons

Theresa May

Friday, March 29, 2019

Theresa May is battling to get her Brexit withdrawal agreement backed by the Commons on the day that was scheduled to see Britain quit the EU.

In order to bring it back for MPs to vote on, she split the legally binding treaty segment from the declaration on future relations with the EU, to comply with rules laid down by Speaker John Bercow.

If MPs support the withdrawal agreement, it would mean Brexit day would be extended to May 22.

It would also mean that the UK would evade having to take part in European Parliament elections.

A number of MPs have already said they would support the deal in order to ensure Brexit happens, including ERG chair, Jacob Rees-Mogg, but some are insistent they will not budge.

Sir Bill Cash told the BBC: "The Prime Minister's deal is not Brexit."

Meanwhile, a 200-mile march led by Nigel Farage calling for a no-deal Brexit will culminate in Westminster today.

The two-week event was organised by the Leave Means Leave campaign, with walkers travelling from Sunderland to London.


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