Brexit briefing: Theresa May 'working hard' to secure support for deal

Theresa May

Friday, March 22, 2019

EU leaders have accepted a request from the Prime Minister to extend Article 50, on the condition that MPs support Mrs May's withdrawal deal next week.

Brexit has now been delayed until May 22, but if the PM's deal is not voted through in a third meaningful vote, the UK will have until April 12 to set out its next steps, with a longer extension on offer only if Britain takes part in European Parliament elections.

The agreement means that no-deal is no longer a possibility on March 29, but it could remain on the table if MPs do no approve the withdrawal agreement.



During the summit in Brussels yesterday, European Council president Donald Tusk made reference to his controversial "special place in hell" comments from February, in which he condemned politicians who promoted Brexit without a plan.

Speaking to the media, he said: "Hell is still empty, and it means there's lots of places."


'Working hard'

The Prime Minister has also ruled out revoking Article 50, after a petition calling for Brexit to be cancelled garnered almost 2.3 million signatures in a matter of days.

Theresa May returns to the UK today and will be working to secure support for her deal ahead of a meaningful vote on it. 

"Tomorrow morning I will be returning to the UK and working hard to build support for getting the deal through," she announced.