Brexit campaigner Bill Cash says Leave 'lies' were just errors of judgement

'Project Fear was an absolute disgrace', says Sir Bill Cash

The claim on the Vote Leave bus which features in the complaint

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Brexit campaigner Sir Bill Cash has hit back at claims that the Leave campaign propagated a series of lies during the EU referendum, saying the inaccurate claims made by the Brexiteers were just "errors of judgement" and the Remainers' 'Project Fear' was the real disgrace.

Cash spoke to talkRADIO after legal pressor Bob Watt submitted a complaint to the Crown Prosecution Service, claiming the Vote Leave campaign made a number of statements which misinformed voters during the referendum campaign.

One such claim suggested that the NHS would receive £350million if the UK voted to leave the EU. This claim was acknowledged as "a mistake" by Nigel Farage on Good Morning Britain after the referendum vote. 

Cash said: "The problem is there were some things said in the course of a big campaign like this which were errors in judgement, like the National Health Service [claims]. But it's not at the level I would regard as a criminal offence. It was a misconceived exaggeration, in my view.

"Project fear was not accurate or impartial, and has been proved to be wrong. It was the British people who made up their minds, and they did the right thing."

Listen to the interview above.