Brexit 'is a chance to fix our broken immigration system'

'We're creating an illegal subclass and our immigration policy is at fault', says Joint Council For The Welfare Of Immigrants

Boris Johnson

Thursday, December 1, 2016

We're creating an illegal subclass in this country and our immigration policy has to change, says the Joint Council For The Welfare Of Immigrants.

Boris Johnson has told the Cabinet that illegal immigrants who have been in the UK for more than 10 years should be allowed to stay. 

Chief executive Saira Grant told Sam Delaney: "We have a lot of people who came here, legally sought asylum, but were refused asylum [and] the Home Office were not able to remove them.

“The other group are people who came here on legal visas and because of the ever-changing complexity of immigration rules have inadvertently lapsed in their visa requirements

“We are creating an illegal subclass which increases crime and makes it unsafe," she added. “Our immigration policy is completely at fault, with Brexit…our entire immigration policy is going to change."

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