Brexit Chequers summit: Theresa May 'will tell ministers to get tough on civil servants'

Chequers Cabinet meeting: Theresa May will focus on civil servants, says MP

Theresa May is holding a Cabinet meeting at Chequers today

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Conservative MP has suggested Brexit-sceptic civil servants will be in the firing line when Theresa May sits down with her cabinet at the Chequers away day

May is chairing a meeting with ministers at her country retreat to discuss plans for leaving the European Union. It has been reported that she asked members of her Cabinet to identify Brexit opportunities in each of their departments before the summer break. 

Nigel Evans, the MP for Ribble Valley, said May's key message will be that ministers need to get tough with their civil servants. 

"I think that one of the things Theresa will be able to say to her cabinet ministers is 'have a look at your civil servants, have a chat with them, and tell me if they've got a dose of Euro-itus (wanting to remain in the EU), because if they have you've got to sort them out,'" Evans said.

Evans also outlined a number of problems facing May, including "a little spat between Liam Fox and Boris Johnson, as regards to who has the powers as far as various issues with international trade."



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