Brexit coin threatened by Article 50 extension

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Plans for a 50p coin to commemorate Brexit could come unstuck if Theresa May’s request for an extension to Article 50 is granted by EU members.

The Royal Mint designed coins are stamped with the phrase: “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations - 29 March 2019”.

A small number of test coins have been minted at no cost to the taxpayer but the design will have to be changed if Britain does not leave the EU on that date.

Cambridgeshire Coins' Perry Dean said it was impossible to know whether the Brexit coins would have any intrinsic value until they were circulated.



If a limited number of the coins are released they could become as valuable as the 2009 Kew Gardens 50p, which changes hands now for around £150.

Mr Dean said the Brexit coin would be of interest to collectors looking to complete collections of EU-themed 50 pence pieces.  

The Royal Mint released a coin to commemorate Britain’s membership of the EC in 1992, and another coin was produced in 1998 to celebrate the European Council

Chancellor Philip Hammond has suggested the wrongly-dated Brexit coins could become collectors’ items and Mr Dean believes they could become as valuable as Olympic coins struck in 2011 with an incorrect design.

Only 600 of these exceedingly rare coins were produced and they can command as much as £500 online.

 "It's very unlikely that they would ever sell the misprinted ones unless someone working at the mint took a couple of them home," Mr Dean added however.