Brexit could create a French revolution in the UK, says Sam Delaney caller

'If I knew we'd lose the protection of the European Court of Human Rights, I'd have voted remain', says caller

Theresa May gave a speech on Brexit today

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A caller to Sam Delaney's show has suggested Brexit could lead the British people to revolution by removing their human rights protections.

Earlier today Theresa May said that Britain will no longer accept the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights when it secedes from the European Union.

However caller Alan said British people are already suffering all sorts of intrusions and privations and this would only make things worse.

Alan said: "Had I known that we would have lost the protection of the European Court of Human Rights, I would have voted to stay in.

"Unfortunately, the apathy with the general public is so bad, and I really don’t know how we can get out of this, if we don’t watch out we’re going to go to a French revolution.

“There will be anarchy, there will be riots because the general public are fed up of being kicked all over the place."

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