Brexit crusader Gina Miller: 'I always saw myself as Super Woman'

Brexit campaigner Gina Miller says she's always thought of herself as super woman

Gina Miller joined the Badass Women’s Hour

Monday, March 27, 2017

The woman who has led the fight against Brexit has told talkRADIO she's always seen herself as super woman, and called on all of us to "keep an eye" on the Government as they take us out of the EU.

Gina Miller won a High Court battle last year, forcing the Government to get Parliamentary approval to trigger Article 50. She's also a very successful businesswoman. 

Appearing on our Badass Women's Hour show, Miller said: “I literally can’t ever remember not thinking I was super woman. I’ve always been an activist.

"I have now a very disruptive investment business because I think the city’s not working. [In] the charity sector I do the same."

She believes that everything we do should be about “profit, people and the planet" and everything she has done has been "built on those principles."

Miller, who founded investment management company, also believes “in something called conscious capitalism: as you become successful you have to give back to the society that afforded your success because that is your moral duty."

She also revealed that she feels “disappointment, regret about the way the whole [Brexit] campaign was fought and nervousness about what’s going to happen" when Article 50 is triggered.

Miller added: “I’m really worried about just letting the Government get on with it because they don’t have the time, the skills, or a plan.

“The MPs have no backbone, I thought really hard for them and then they voted against themselves."

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