Brexit day Cabinet meeting to be held in north of England

The PM said he wants to 'level up across the UK'

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Boris Johnson has planned to take his Cabinet on tour to the north of England for its weekly meeting to mark Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union next Friday.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said it was part of the government’s commitment to “engage more widely” across the country.

Following the Cabinet’s last meeting in Number 10, the spokesman said: “The PM said the government was determined to level up across the UK to work for the whole country.”

He said that this meeting was an "opportunity to do so".

It follows the Conservative Party’s landslide general election victory, where they took many new seats in northern England that had previously been held by Labour for decades.

Meanwhile, efforts to commemorate Brexit with a “Big Ben bong” at 11pm on January 31 have lost some pace, after Commons officials cited “potential problems” with accepting publicly raised money to fund it.

Campaign group StandUp4Brexit had raised half of the £500,000 needed to meet the costs of a one-off chime, after setting up an online crowdfunder.

Lance Forman, who defected from the Brexit Party to the Conservatives, told talkRADIO that when the UK makes its departure from the bloc, the country should “celebrate democracy”.

He told Mike Graham: “When I was campaigning to become an MEP, it’s amazing how so much of that campaign wasn’t about Brexit anymore; it was actually more about democracy.”

He added: “It’s all very well for people to say our country is humiliated across the world in the way this whole thing happened, but actually I think we can be so proud of our democracy.

“We had this really incredible intellectual battle fought in Parliament, the British public were incredible – they are more educated now in the British constitution than ever before and I think they are so much more engaged in politics, which I think is a really great thing.”

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