Brexit deal is 'going to be an awful lot worse than Chequers', says Andrew Bridgen MP


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen has warned that Britain is heading for a Brexit deal which is "an awful lot worse than Chequers".

The politician appeared on the breakfast show to discuss Dominic Raab's announcement that a Brexit deal would be reached within three weeks, an announcement he quickly retracted after his department insisted there was no set date for which negotiations were finalised.

Mr Bridgen said although he thought the Chequers deal was "unacceptable", he fears the Prime Minister will come back with "something rather worse" if it is voted down in Parliament. 

"We're heading for what we all dreaded, it's going to be Brexit in name only," Mr Bridgen told Julia Hartley-Brewer.



"I don't think Chequers will get through Parliament. I think it will be voted down but I actually do fear then the Prime Minister will come back with something rather worse, which will gain the support of the Labour party and will be voted through in the face of Conservative eurosceptics."


'Friday the 13th meets Night at the Museum'

However, despite his concerns over the type of deal that may or may not be reached with the EU, he branded scare stories in the press about what could happen in the case of a no-deal Brexit as "ludicrous".

"We had a ludicrous story in the paper that museums may have to close if we crash out of the EU. It's like some sort of halloween story. It's Friday the 13th meets Night at the Museum now," he said.

"At the end of the day it comes down to numbers. One of the major problems with our democracy at the moment is we have a House of Commons made up of elected MPs that don't represent the views expressed at the referendum to leave the European Union.

"If we had a free vote of the House of Commons, we woulodn't be leaving the EU."