Brexit deal is the most 'expensive fudge in the history of the world', claims Stephen Kinnock MP

Anti-Brexit campaigner

Monday, November 19, 2018

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock has branded Theresa May's draft withdrawal agreement a "truck-load of fudge".

The Brexit Select Committee member appeared on the breakfast show to discuss the 585 page document, which he claimed was the "most expensive fudge in the history of the world".

"I think the political declaration on the future relationship is very vague and woolly. It's basically a truck-load of fudge," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Mr Kinnock said he didn't think the deal would pass through Parliament, and suggested the options available were going back to the negotiating table, having a second referendum or leaving the EU without a deal.



The politician dismissed rumours that the Prime Minister would face a leadership challenge, following a number of MPs filing letters of no-confidence.

"I think that fundamentally the big moment now will be the vote in Parliament. I don't think that there'll be the numbers [of no-confidence letters] to get rid of her before that."

"The time to get rid of her was a long time before now. It doesn't really make much difference at the moment who the Prime Minister is because of the depth of the shambles and incompetence and fiasco that we're in now.

"A super man or super woman couldn't get us out of this mess in the short-term. So we've got to focus on the meaningful vote, the deal will be voted down, there aren't the numbers in Parliament for it. The Prime Minister is in denial about that."