Brexit debate: Julia Hartley-Brewer and Remain MP Heidi Alexander accuse each other of 'alternative facts'

'I think that’s your fact' - Julia Hartley-Brewer and MP Heidi Alexander in fiery Brexit debate

The EU has decided its position on the transition period

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Julia Hartley-Brewer had a fiery debate with a pro-Remain MP on her show this morning, which culminated in both protagonists accusing each other of inventing facts.

Julia also suggested to Heidi Alexander that she didn't understand the true picture, particularly when it came to tariffs.

Alexander appeared on talkRADIO after a leaked Government paper suggested Brexit will mean the UK economy will grow more slowly than it would have done had Britain stayed within the EU. Brussels has also said it wants the UK to continue following its rules during a transition period up to December 2020, but the UK won't be able to vote on EU matters.

Alexander, the Labour MP for Lewisham, Alexander told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "Well I think that the transition deal in terms of staying in the single market and customs union is the only sensible way of dealing with the next couple of years."

The interviewee claimed "the word single market or customs union were not on the ballot paper", but Julia argued that "we were told by the leaders of the referendum campaign on both sides, by the leader of the Remain campaign and the leaders of the Leave campaign, we were told, specifically, that leaving the European Union meant leaving the single market and leaving the customs union."

As things got increasingly tetchy, Julia said "We can't have a debate if you're going to make up your own facts," while her guest told her that her view was "your fact, and your reality", adding: "I think you are interpreting the outcome of the Brexit referendum [to suit your own beliefs]."

Alexander also suggested that Brexit will force Britain to adopt punishing World Trade Organisation default tariffs, but Julia argued that "most of the world" exists on such tariffs and Alexander should do her homework.

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