Brexit delay is incredibly condescending towards ordinary Britons, says UKIP deputy leader Peter Whittle

Supreme Court case: 'This is all about a lack of respect for British democracy and an attempt to prolong Brexit', says Peter Whittle

The Supreme Court Brexit case began today

Monday, December 5, 2016

UKIP's deputy leader has said the delay in triggering on Article 50 is "incredibly condescending" towards the ordinary British people who voted for Brexit.

Speaking to Sam Delaney, Peter Whittle also said the High Court challenge won by Gina Miller last month is simply an attempt to drag out the Brexit process and shows a basic lack of respect for British democracy.

Whittle was speaking to talkRADIO hours after the Government's appeal against the High Court verdict got underway, with a panel of 11 Supreme Court judges hearing the case. The outcome is likely to be announced next month.

Whittle told Sam Delaney: “I’m actually pretty pessimistic about it, I think the government might well lose the appeal.

"People now are muddying the waters in an attempt to... prolong the whole process," he added. "This is all about a lack of respect for British democracy.

“They [the people of Britain] voted for Brexit they voted for exit, it’s as simple as that," he said. "Rather than go through what is proving to be utter torture, we should just simply repeal the European Communities Act."

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