Brexit: EU would have to be crazy to frustrate security deal, says former MoD director-general

Brexit: 'Europeans would have to be crazy to force ECJ on security deal talks', says rear admiral

Chris Parry said the EU would be cutting off the nose to spite the face in terms of security (Stock photo)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A former director-general with the Ministry of Defence has claimed the EU would have to be "crazy" to frustrate the negotiations over a security collaboration because of the "free gift" it gets in terms of intelligence-sharing. 

The Government published details of its plans for post-Brexit security collaboration with the EU on Monday (September 19).

The document makes clear that the new collaboration treaty must be underpinned by a new legal framework, as the UK would leave the European Court of Justice - something Theresa May has previously said will definitely happen.

Chris Parry, a retired naval officer who previously served as the MoD's director-general of development, concepts and doctrine, said the EU would "have to be crazy" to drag their heels on this, considering what the EU already gets from the UK. 

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "They’d be cutting the nose off to spite the face.

"They’ll deny themselves all sorts of advantages in countering terror, criminality, money laundering, child abuse, all of these issues which are important at the moment.

"I don’t see the Europeans walking away from what is a free gift in many ways. Security in some ways is above these issues, it’s important enough to transcend some of the squabbling and minor issues associated with the negotiation.

"They won’t force this issue [of the ECJ] on a much broader negotiation."

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