Brexit: EU's top negotiator rubbishes 'dinner party from hell' report

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The EU's top Brexit negotiator has played down the alarming accounts of last week's meeting at Downing Street, and revealed he was even able to discuss a shared passion with Theresa May during the dinner.

Over the weekend a report appeared in the German press claiming the EU delegation, led by European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, was left horrified by Theresa May's arrogance and emerged from the meeting far more worried than they'd been at the start.

But Michel Barnier has now said the meeting was perfectly cordial - and he was even able to discuss the love of mountaineering he shares with Theresa May.

Barnier, the EU's designated chief negotiator on Brexit, also said he hopes to build an "entente cordiale" with Britain that lasts well beyond Brexit.

However he warned May that the bloc's negotiating position will not change even if she secures a landslide at the forthcoming general election.;