Brexit: Foreign Office civil servants 'in despair over Boris Johnson's approach'

Brexit: Foreign Office civil servants 'in despair' over Boris Johnson's approach, says Lord Wallace of Saltaire

Boris Johnson at the party conference

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Liberal Democrat peer has claimed that civil servants working in the Foreign Office are "in despair" over Boris Johnson's attitude towards the upcoming Brexit negotiations. 

Lord Wallace of Saltaire claimed in The Independent the foreign secretary has isolated European Union ministers and hasn't provided "clear guidance" to his staff about Brexit. 

He claimed that Johnson hasn't been keeping up with the regular briefs about the exit from the EU, and is failing to "hammer out any framework" for foreign policy after the UK's withdrawal. 

An aide to the foreign secretary dismissed these claims, saying officials from the office are "energised" to work with him. 

He added that Lord Wallace was "clearly talking to those who don't know or work closely" with Johnson.