Brexit: George Galloway condemns 'lying' Bank of England economists and Sir Ivan Rogers

Monday, January 9, 2017

In a fiery monologue on his show, George Galloway let rip into economists at the Bank of England and Britain's former EU ambassador Sir Ivan Rogers. 

Last week, the chief economist at the Bank, Andrew Haldane, admitted his profession was in crisis after failing to accurately predict the economic impact of Brexit - calling it a 'Michael Fish' moment.

Meanwhile, the UK's ambassador to the EU resigned, citing the government's "muddled thinking and ill-founded arguments" as a key issue in the upcoming negotations with the European Union. 

Our presenter was wholly unimpressed with all of it. He said: "This is part and parcel of an hysteric talking-down of Britain and the British economy in the wake of the Brexit vote. 

"It was completely unmasked by the humiliating admission by the Bank of England, this very week, their Brexit predictions of economic apocalypse were completely false - they were mystic meg moonshine. 

"It is utter rot that we've gone into economic meltdown. In fact the opposite is the case. Manufacturing is growing. The number of people in proper jobs is growing. the fact that the pound is low means that exports are growing. Invisible exports like tourism are growing. The stock exchange, which as we were told was going to plummet through the floor like the peso, is at record highs. 

"There are no doubt turbulent waters ahead, as Britain leaves the European Union. They will not be made less turbulent by people lying - lying I say! - about the economic consequences of leaving the fading, failing, crisis-ridden Eurozone and the European Union.

"Sir Ivan Rogers - a Whitehall knight resigned from a job no one knew he had. In so far as he existed as our ambassador in Brussels, he manifestly had failed in his job.

"If you are a Remainer, he failed to presuade the EU there was a real chance Britain might vote to leave the EU and their concessions to David Cameron would have to be scaled up if that decision was to be averted.

"Let me tell you about ambassadors, because I've known quite a few of them. An ambassador is someone sent to lie abroad for their country."

Listen above.