Brexit: Government loses another Commons vote

The motion passed 311 to 302

Monday, September 9, 2019

Today the Prime Minister will attempt for a second time to garner support for an early election.

MPs rejected Boris Johnson's motion for a general election last week, with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn saying his party would back one when it was sure a no-deal Brexit was off the table.

Meanwhile, a new law is expected to pass today, which aims to prevent a no deal by forcing the Prime Minister to ask Brussels for a Brexit extension.

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19.40 - Motion from Tory rebel to release Brexit documents passes

A vote to publish Operation Yellowhammer documents and private correspondence from Downing Street has passed.

The motion was led by Former Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, who was one of the MPs removed for voting against the party last week.

He had called for the government documents connected to no-deal Brexit planning to be made public.

Michael Gove had the final word before the vote was taken, and called the motion a “fishing expedition”.

It’s the latest blow for the government, and the fifth vote it has lost in a row.

The vote on an early general election will be later this evening.


18.15 - MPs launch campaigns to replace John Bercow

Conservative MP Sir Edward Leigh and Labour MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle have announced plans to run for Speaker in the House of Commons.

Sir Edward has served in Parliament since 1983 and made his intention to run as Speaker known in April. He confirmed his campaign in a tweet this afternoon.

Sir Lindsay has been the Member for Chorley since 1997 and has served as Deputy Speaker since 2010.

He said in “unprecedented times” it was vital to have an experienced Speaker who can provide “stability and leadership”.


17.30 - Nigel Farage farewells Speaker John Bercow

Nigel Farage has bucked the trend of glowing farewells for Speaker John Bercow with a two word response - “good riddance”

Labour MP Barry Sheerman had a measured take on Mr Bercow's legacy. He said when he first met Mr Bercow he believed he was a “bumptious, self-opinionated, right-wing, objectionable character”.

“I could say that you haven't changed, but the fact of the matter is you have been an exemplary speaker. You have been Parliament's speaker,” he said.


16.30 - Bill to block no-deal Brexit becomes law

A Bill introduced last week in an effort to block a no-deal Brexit has today become law.

The new Act requires a delay to Brexit beyond October 31 unless a deal is approved or Parliament agrees to leaving the EU without one by October 19.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has previously branded it the "surrender Bill", claiming it took away control of the UK's negotiations with the EU by allowing Parliament to block no deal.

Downing Street has said the government will obey the law, but repeated that the Prime Minister would not be seeking another extension to the Article 50 withdrawal process.


16.15 - Parliament reacts to John Bercow resignation

MPs across the political spectrum have paid tribute to John Bercow, who has announced he will stand down as both Speaker and MP for Buckingham.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Mr Bercow has “totally changed the way in which the role has been done”.

“As somebody who aspires to hold executive office I like the idea of a powerful Parliament holding the executive to account, it’s something I’ve spent the last 35 years doing myself,” he said.

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove did not take part in a standing ovation for the Speaker, but said Mr Bercow’s commitment to his principles and constituents was “unwavering”.

“I have never been in any doubt that you have operated on the basis that the executive must be answerable to this House in the same way that this House is answerable to the people,” he said.


16.00 - John Bercow tearful as he announces resignation plans

WATCH: John Bercow tearful during resignation speech

John Bercow has announced he is to resign after 10 years in the Speaker’s chair.

Addressing the Commons while his wife Sally watched on from the gallery, he said: “At the 2017 election I promised my wife and children that it would be my last. This is a pledge that I intend to keep.”

Mr Bercow said he would quit as Speaker and MP at the next election, or on October 31, depending on which came first.

Mr Bercow’s tearful resignation speech received a standing ovation from opposition parties, but the Conservative front bench sat quietly.

He was elected as a Conservative MP in the seat of Buckingham in 1997.


14.00 - Brexit deal to be done 'by October 18'

The Prime Minister is currently in Dublin

Boris Johnson has said he is hopeful that a deal with Brussels will be secured by October 18.

Speaking in Dublin alongside Irish premier Leo Varadkar, the Prime Minister said: "I believe there is a deal to be done by October 18th.

"Let’s do it together."


11.30 - Parliament to be suspended today

Parliament will be prorogued at the close of business today, Downing Street has confirmed.

The suspension will last until October 14.

Prorogation is usually announced in the House of Lords on behalf of the Queen.


11.00 - No-deal Brexit would be a 'failure', PM says

Mr Johnson made the comments during a meeting with Irish PM, Leo Varadkar (right)

Boris Johnson has insisted he wants to secure a deal with Brussels, claiming a no-deal Brexit would be a "failure of statecraft".

The Prime Minister made the comments during a trip to Dublin, where he is meeting with the Irish premier, Leo Varadkar.

"I want to find a deal. I have looked carefully at no deal. Yes, we could do it, the UK could certainly get through it, but be in no doubt that outcome would be a failure of statecraft for which we would all be responsible," he said.


08.00 - Sir Bill Cash: 'Plain as a pikestaff' Labour won't win election

The Labour Party have rejected calls for an early election

Sir Bill Cash has claimed the Labour Party's reason for withholding support for an early election is because they "know they're not going to win".

Jeremy Corbyn refused to back the Prime Minister's calls for an early election last week, and is expected to do so again today.

The European Scrutiny Committee chair told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer: "It is absolutely outrageous that the Labour Party are running away from a general election and why are they doing that? It is plain as a pikestaff. They know they're not going to win.

"There's this aspiration to try to delay things in order to be able to somehow or another pull some magic out of a hat."


07.30 - Boris Johnson heads to Dublin

Leo Varadkar will meet with Boris Johnson today

The Prime Minister will travel to Dublin today to meet his Irish counterpart in the pair’s first official meeting.

Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar will meet in the city for talks on Brexit, restoring institutions in Northern Ireland and concerns over a no-deal Brexit.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Mr Varadkar said he did not expect a breakthrough.

"I don't think the meeting tomorrow is a high stakes meeting, as I don't anticipate a big breakthrough tomorrow, if we come to an agreement that agreement will happen in October at the EU summit."