Brexit: Government to publish reports on negotiation strategy

Brexit: Government to publish reports on negotiation strategy

The plans will be published later in the week

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Government is to publish more details of its negotiation plans for Brexit later this week.

The update will include a key report on the future relationship with the European Court of Justice, as well as a report on a possible trade deal. The former has been a major source of contention during the early rounds of talks.

UK representatives were left surprised in July after the negotiators from Brussels insisted the rights of EU citizens should be able to be enforced by the court post-Brexit.

In terms of trade, David Davis has called on the European Union to open negotiations now, saying the issue is “inextricably linked” to details of other issues posed by the UK's withdrawal.

Despite this, Miro Cerar – the Slovenian prime minister – said the ongoing issues in the opening stages – citizens' rights, the border in Ireland and Britain's possible 'divorce bill' – were much too complex to be postponed in favour of fast-tracked trade talks.