Brexit hardliner Donald Tusk re-elected European Council president

Mr Tusk's election could bring problems with Poland

Donald Tusk has been European Council President since 2014

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Polish politician Donald Tusk has been re-elected president of the European Council.

Mr Tusk, who has held the role since 2014, was re-elected during a summit of European leaders in Brussels, which is intended to map out the future of the EU after Brexit.

The move had been widely anticipated, with German leader Angela Merkel, arguably the most powerful politician in Europe, suggesting the renewal of Mr Tusk's tenure would bring "stability."

However the news could lead to trouble between the EU and Mr Tusk's home country. The veteran politician has been in a long-standing dispute with the Polish government and its foreign minister, Witold Waszczykowski, has threatened to disrupt the Brussels conference if Mr Tusk is re-elected.

Mr Tusk is also known for his hardline views on Brexit, having previously said Britain's decision to quit the EU would bring "chaos" and describing the views of Foreign Minister Boris Johnson as "absurd."

Theresa May has been in attendance in Brussels today, but is due to leave this evening, allowing the other 27 EU leaders to discuss their post-Brexit future.