Brexit High Court verdict: talkRADIO presenters give their reaction

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Following today's momentous verdict in the High Court, the talkRADIO team asked our presenters to give their reaction.

The decision by the High Court that Theresa May must consult Parliament before triggering Article 50 has split the British public, with many suggesting the will of the people will be circumvented while others claim it's only right our elected representatives have their say on such a crucial issue. 

Our panel of political experts were, predictably, split on the issue, and produced some passionate responses. 

Click below to see the reactions of our star names.

Julia Hartley-Brewer

 ‘What was the point of Parliament having that vote in which MPs voted six to one to hand the decision to the British people?

‘Europe has been an issue that has been dogging British politics for 20-odd years, and every time there's been a promise at an election, there’s always been a weasley way to get out of it.

‘When people vote for a party of government, they don't just vote on the issue of the EU. There are many other issues to consider. So there was a decision made by Parliament, our sovereign parliament, to hand that decision over to the British people in an EU referendum.

‘We’ve given our verdict, and it doesn’t get to go back to Parliament to say whether they liked it or not. They already made that decision. Parliament is already sovereign.

‘If and when this does go to a vote, whether the Government wins or loses, whether Theresa May goes or stays - well, fair enough, we'll have the vote. I defy Remainers to defy the will of the British people.

‘Whatever happens I’ve got a funny feeling Theresa May won’t go to the European Court!’

Paul Ross

'I voted Remain - I lost.

'But I've got steam coming out of my ears at the thought that our patronising and puffed-up MPs want to ignore the Referendum result.

'They're nothing more than a bunch of widiculous weasels trying to wriggle back into Europe.

'The vote was for Out - so let's go!'

Jonny Gould

‘I hope this doesn’t lead to a backdoor Remain. I hope it doesn’t go against the will of the people, the vote of the people.

 ‘I hope Labour and backbench Tory remainers resist the opportunity to vote down Brexit and defy the people they purport to represent.

 ‘At the very least we must aim for a soft Brexit, but those wishing for a hard Brexit must now be disappointed. The campaign for a hard Brexit is now over, we’re leaning towards a softer version.

 ‘Unfortunately the uncertainty over the terms of our Brexit will now continue for longer than we’d hoped and we have to aim for resolution as quick as we can.’

Sam Delaney

‘People wanted to revive British democracy. Well today they’re seeing it in action, and in all its glory. Parliament is sovereign, just like the Brexiteers always said it should be.

‘I think Theresa May might have no option but to call a general election some time soon to shore up her majority.

 ‘If the Leavers don’t like what’s happened today, maybe they could appeal to the European Supreme Court?’

James Whale

'Common sense has prevailed. How on earth do we expect democracy to be admired if we don’t admire it ourselves?

'Of course our elected representatives need to debate and vote on how we leave Europe. It’s now time for the politicians to do their job.

'I hear it said that ‘the people have spoken’ but that winds me up. Yes the people have spoken but it’s almost a 50:50 split. Plebiscitary democracy has left us slightly in limbo.

'How anyone can think we can leave Europe when we’re only 25 miles away is beyond me, quite frankly. Perhaps people now understand that, and realised they voted the wrong way in June.

'If there was another referendum tomorrow, I’d be surprised if it got the same result.'