Brexit: 'If we go into negotiations with rookies the EU will take us to the cleaners', says political editor

Brexit: 'If we negotiate with inexperienced staff we'll be taken to the cleaners', says political editor

The Brexit process appears "chaotic" according to the Institute for Government

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Britain needs more time to find experienced negotiators before we open Brexit negotiations, warns a leading political editor.

The Institute for Government thinktank has warned that the Brexit process appears "chaotic and dysfunctional" to outsiders, and Theresa May's secretive practices are not helping the preparations.

Ian Dunt, editor of, told Julia Hartley-Brewer he believes Deloitte's calculation that Britain needs 30,000 extra staff to manage the Brexit process is "too high." However he added that Britain is still not ready to open negotiations on its secession from the European Union.

Dunt warned that, if rookies are entrusted with the Brexit negotiations, the EU's representatives will take us "to the cleaners." However he said "there aren't that many" people qualified to do the job.

The journalist also told us that if Theresa May wants to keep her Brexit plans a secret, she can't then have "Boris Johnson swanning off to the Czech Republic and telling them we’re leaving the customs union."

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