Brexit isn't a done deal until we're actually out, says Peter Tatchell

Tatchell had some strong words to say about Brexit and Trump

Peter Tatchell says Brexit isn't done and dusted yet

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has said there's still a long way to go before Britain leaves the European Union, telling talkRADIO listeners that it's "not a done deal until we're actually out."

Tatchell spoke to Sam Delaney after news that the Supreme Court will rule next Tuesday on whether Theresa May must consult MPs before triggering Article 50 - with the Government widely expected to lose the case.

Mrs May has also pledged to give MPs a vote on the final deal she comes back with from Brussels after the negotiation phase.

Tatchell said "I suspect that a lot of people who voted for Brexit... when they see the final agreement, will realise it will actually make our country worse off.

"I think the people also have a right to decide on the terms and conditions [of Brexit], because what they're going to get at the end may not be what they thought they were going to get."

Tatchell also said Donald Trump's presidency will make the UK US relationship more difficult and we're unlikely to get a good trade deal from the US.

He said: "If Donald Trump talks to us the way he’s been talking to China, the trade deal we’d get would not be a very good one.

“The Trump presidency is going to make it even more difficult and even more hard to justify [the UK-US relationship] in some areas. His policies like opposing action to prevent climate destruction and opposing international deals on trade are going to put a lot of obstacles in the way."

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