Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn 'ready' to lead negotiations if Government falls

Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn 'ready' to lead negotiations if Government fails

The Labour Leader will meet with Michel Barnier today

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn is to tell Michel Barnier he is capable of negotiating Brexit if the UK government changes. 

The Labour Leader is due to meet with the EU negotiator-in-chief in Brussels, where he is to promise to avoid the "megaphone diplomacy" critics believe has been used by the Tories. 

It's the first in a series of private meetings Barnier will hold ahead of the second formal round of negotiations, followed by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones. 

Speaking ahead of his visit, the Labour leader said: "Labour is ready to take up the responsibility for Brexit.

"Contrasting with the Conservatives' megaphone diplomacy, we will conduct relations with our European neighbours respectfully."

The Labour Leader's meeting with the EU official comes on the day Brexit Secretary David Davis is to publish the Great Repeal Bill, which maps out how the UK will leave the jurisdiction of Brussels.

The bill will repeal the European Communities Act of 1972 which incorporated EU legislation into British law, and transfer the entire bank of EU law onto the British statute book.