Brexit: Julia Hartley-Brewer asks Alastair Campbell 'why do you suddenly care what the people think?'

Campbell described Boris Johnson as a 'charlatan' and said the two parties were as bad as each other

Julia's debate with Campbell was lively, to say the least

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Julia had a lively exchange with Alastair Campbell this morning, culminating in our host asking Tony Blair's former comms guru why he is suddenly so interested in getting the views of the British people.

Campbell was speaking to talkRADIO after Boris Johnson wrote an article for The Sun, saying it would be intolerable for Britain to keep living under EU law once the country has broken from Brussels.

Our guest tore into Johnson, describing him as a "charlatan" who is on a "gigantic ego trip" in his continued deviation from official Government policy. In fact, Campbell said, there couldn't be a worse person to lead Britain through the Brexit maze.

In fact, Campbell said, the two parties are as a bad as each other; the Tories are in disarray, while Labour are hoping the Government collapses so they can "waltz into power off the back of it."

In light of this division, Campbell repeated his demand for a second referendum, which he insisted would in fact be a first vote on the terms of the deal negotiated with Brussels.

But Julia had some harsh words for Campbell, saying he and fellow Remainers had been ignoring the wishes of the British people, specifically their desire to have more say in the EU, for years.

Given this indifference, Julia suggested, it was ridiculous for people like Campbell to suddenly pretend they care so much about the views of the people.

The interview got increasingly tetchy, with Campbell repeatedly asking his host "will you let me finish?" and warning he would stay silent until Julia let him speak.

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