Brexit: Julia Hartley-Brewer tells Sir Vince Cable he's disrespecting UK voters

Julia Hartley-Brewer accuses Sir Vince Cable of being disrespectful to UK voters

The Former Business Secretary and Lib Dem Leadership candidate spoke to Julia on the anniversary of the referendum

Friday, June 23, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer leveled an accusation of disrespect towards UK voters at Sir Vince Cable on her show this morning.

Friday marks a year since the EU Referendum, when 52% of the country voted to leave the European Union. 

At this point, the two-year time limit to negotiate a deal has begun following the triggering of Article 50. 

Cable, the newly re-elected MP for Twickenham and Liberal Democrat leadership contender, said the current situation is confusing in his interview with Julia.

The former business secretary said: "We’re really nowhere near knowing what Brexit will look like, what we’ll keep or lose.

"It hasn’t been helped by the announcement for the EU nationals in the UK, they’re still being used as bargaining chips.

"I absolutely care about UK citizens, there’s no suggesting they’re at risk. But the EU didn’t provoke this problem.

"The British are looking for the divorce, they’re [the EU] not looking for it."

The last remark prompted Julia to ask what he meant by this, and accused him of being disrespectful to voters.

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