Brexit: Labour threatens 'hand-to-hand combat' with Government over Article 50

Brexit: Labour threatens 'hand-to-hand combat' with Government to have final say

Labour has warned of fierce resistance on Brexit

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Labour Party has issued a frank warning to the Government regarding the Brexit plans.

The opposition is threatening to wage "hand-to-hand combat" to ensure Parliament gets the final say on triggering Article 50.

This follows yesterday's [Tuesday] Supreme Court ruling, which said the Conservative Party must put a bill through and hold a vote with MPs before beginning to negotiate with the European Union.

The warning was made by Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry during an interview on BBC Newsnight, where she clarified the Opposition would rigourously examine the Government's work.

She said: "She [Theresa May] can't say she acts on the country's behalf without actually negotiating with or listening to Parliament.

"The plan, it may be a piece of paper with 'plan' written on the top, but it's a speech she didn't make in Parliament. She wasn't answerable to questions, and so we want a white paper.

"Article 50...if it is going to be triggered, we won't get in the way of it, but we will try to amend the legislation to ensure that they keep coming back, to keep an eye on them.

"If necessary, there will be hand-to-hand combat on this."