Brexit: 'Labour's position is strange because Jeremy Corbyn is pressured by remainers'

Brexit: 'Labour's position is strange because Jeremy Corbyn is pressured by remainers'

Kate Hoey says Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Labour's position on Brexit is strange because Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure from remainers in the party, according to a Labour MP.

Theresa May has revealed that the Government is setting out plans for Brexit in case negotiations result in no deal, including measures to cope with new lengthy customs checks.

Labour has previously said it wants a 'jobs-first Brexit' and, were it in power, it would focus on keeping the benefits of the single market. Shadow Brexit minister Jenny Chapman has even suggested the party would consider making payments to the EU for this privilege.

But many critics have suggested Corbyn's policy on Brexit is too vague and he needs to offer more detail to capitalise on the Tories' divisions.

Kate Hoey, a Labour MP and former co-chair of Labour Leave, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I find my party’s position - I think as a lot of people do, putting it in the best possible way as a Labour supporter - slightly strange.

"But I think the leader Jeremy Corbyn is under huge pressure from the remain group who are in no doubt a majority within the Parliamentary party.

"I really genuinely am looking forward to a time when we as a country will not be able to blame anybody else but our own politicians."

She praised foreign secretary Boris Johnson as "he is one of the few government ministers who’s really coming out with positive views on the country.

"We can have differences in individual bits of how we’re going to leave but we should be uniting," she continued. "I don’t think we should be playing in the EU hands of their negativity."

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