Brexit: Leaver Bob Blackman can't name single EU law imposed on UK when pressed by James Whale

James Whale grills Bob Blackman MP over the future of Britain after Brexit

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

James Whale gave MP Bob Blackman a tough grilling over the future of the UK after Brexit yesterday. 

The MP for Harrow East spoke to our evening host and Ash Gould about the ongoing situation concerning the UK's upcoming negotiations with the European Union. 

Blackman insisted the vote will bring sovereignty back to the UK. 

He said: "We'll make the decisions in Westminster on how the government will operate, negotiate international trade deals, and be in charge of our own destiny, not beholden to a failing European state."

As the interview progressed, James challenged him to name an EU law imposed on the UK, and to explain what will happen to the EU nationals both in the country and wanting to come to the UK. 

Listen to it above.