Brexit minister: Meaningful Vote will be held tomorrow

Theresa May

Theresa May was unable to answer Jeremy Corbyn's urgent question personally as she was attending a Commonwealth commemoration service at Westminster Abbey.

Monday, March 11, 2019

The government will hold the so-called "meaningful vote" tomorrow, according to junior Brexit minister Robin Walker. 

The Worcester MP came to the commons to respond to an urgent question from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, as the Prime Minister was unable to answer “as negotiations are ongoing on this now and are at a critical stage.”

Mr Walker said a statement would be made later today on the progress of discussions, and that MPs would see attorney general Geoffrey Cox’s legal analysis before the debate tomorrow.



Mr Walker said: "I cannot preempt the outcome of these urgent and sensitive discussions, but I can assure this house that as soon as there has been a conclusion the house will be updated.

“The meaningful vote will take place tomorrow and the motion will be tabled today ahead of that debate.

"It is then this House will face a fundamental choice - back the Brexit deal or risk a delay which would mean months more arguing about Brexit, prolonging the current uncertainty, uncertainty that would do nothing but pass control to Brussels and increase the risks.”


May guilty of 'running down the clock'

Mr Corbyn said Theresa May’s failure to appear before the dispatch box was a sign of a government in “chaos” and reminded Mr Walker of the Prime Minister's committment to holding the vote tomorrow. 

He added: "After three months the Prime Minister has not achieved one single change to the deal - she's simply, as we've often said, running down the clock between her deal or the chaos of leaving the EU without any agreement with anyone.

"It was a bad deal in December when it was first tabled, it was a bad deal in January when it was rejected by the largest parliamentary margin ever in history that a government has been defeated, and it's still a bad deal today."

Answering a question from Conservative MP Ken Clarke, Mr Walker confirmed the government will still be tabling Wednesday’s vote on a no-deal Brexit, and Thursday’s vote on extending Article 50, regardless of the outcome of tomorrow's vote. 

Earlier today Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney said Mrs May will be flying to Strasbourg this evening to try to finalise an agreement, although this has not been confirmed by Number 10.