Brexit the movie - who should play who?

Brexit the movie - who should play who?
Gerard Depardieu - Nigel Farage
Jack Black - Arron Banks
Hugh Grant - David Cameron
Miranda Hart - Theresa May
Danny Dyer - Michael Gove
Ian Beale - Boris Johnson
Ian McKellen - Jeremy Corbyn

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

So it emerged today that US entertainment giants Warner Bros are apparently moving to option the memoirs of renowned UKIP donor Arron Banks.

Warner already has a string of franchises such as The Dark Knight Trilogy, Harry Potter and The Hobbit. So it's easy to see why they're thinking of making a film about Brexit, whose plot is as dramatic, convoluted and machiavellian as any Hollywood script.

But this begs the question: How will they get to play the lead roles? Who will play David Cameron, the tragic figure of the plot who falls on his sword in true Shakesperian fashion? Or Michael Gove, the scheming puppet-master conniving behind the scenes? Or Boris Johnson, the bumbling buffoon hiding a glinting dagger beneath his shabby smock?

Well it's going to be a tough choice. Michael Sheen will doubtless be involved somewhere, but beyond that it's hard to know who the Warner scriptwriters will pick to star in their Brexit blockbuster. So we thought we'd give them some casting tips to get them started.

Click through the gallery above. Oh and Warner, if you guys are reading, call me and we'll negotiate a commission.