Brexit MP Sir Bill Cash says the EU has become a German empire

'The EU is now a German Europe in all but name', says MP Sir Bill Cash

Bill Cash says the Eu is now a German Europe

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The European Union has become a German empire and we must get out, according to one of Britain's most ardently pro-Brexit MPs.

Brexit negotiations are currently underway, but the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani has said the first phase may not be completed until Christmas, despite the UK pushing to move onto the second phase.

Sir Bill Cash, the Conservative MP for Stone, told James Whale: "The EU is now a German Europe in all but name and that is where the problem is" and "this is essentially a bureaucracy masquerading as a democracy."

He explained that he predicted in his book Against a Federal Europe: The Battle for Britain that by "creating European government it’ll hand Germany illegitimate power on a plate."

Cash says this came true and "many people since have said that there’s hardly anything in [the book] that hasn’t actually come true."

He believes Germany "have acquired this enormous degree of economic power but with it, through the Maastricht Treaty etcetera and through the mechanisms of the institutions they’ve actually managed to acquire political control [of the other member states] as well."

The MP thinks when European Union legislation is created "it’s very undemocratic and you can’t find out with any accuracy what’s really went on in there."

Cash was furious about Michel Barnier's alleged vow to educate Britain. He said "we do understand Europe and we saved it twice.

"It's not nostalgia, it's actually about reality. We [saved it] with America and members of the Commonwealth.

"This business about the European Union and our democracy is about something for which people fought and died. We must make sure we keep our democracy."

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